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John Gray - "Half of Europe is being sacrified in order to solve the 20th century German question" -

Harper's Magazine organised in October 2013 a conference on Europe inspiring its February issue (and also its already classic cover).

Here is the pessimistic view of John N. Gray on Europe, engulfed in its resurrecting daemons, at the center of which Germany stands.

"This is one of these periods in history where what we ought to do, what enlightened opinions ought to implement, what can be done, what tweakings and reforms can occur are really secondarily significant to what is actually happening and likely to happen."

"The project of transcending national sovereignty in Europe is advancing through a complete national project, that is German."

"Large-scale projects like European Union project, which run into insoluble difficulties are never rationally dismantled. They simply collapse."

"One of the fundamental errors of American opinion is that to assume that Europe can recapitulate American nation-building."

The entire conference is available here:


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