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A BBC World News overview of the book, Breakfast is a Dangerous Meal, by Terence Kealey, published by Forth Estate on 2016-12-29 as ISBN 9780008172343.

Kealey advises it's healthiest, to fast in the morning, which aligns with a study published in Cell Metabolism, on June 2012 (PMCID #PMC3491655). It stated:

"Time Restricted Feeding (tRF) without reducing caloric intake, prevents metabolic diseases in mice fed a high fat diet... demonstrating... a tRF regimen of fasting, is a (viable) non-pharmacological strategy against obesity and associated diseases."

A more recent study by Dr Jonathan Johnston, U of Surrey also showed (see Josh White, Daily Mail 20160109):

"those who spent less time eating throughout the day had lower body fat, cholesterol and blood sugar... (by eating) breakfast 90 minutes later than usual and supper 90 minutes earlier."

I'm currently doing a personal demonstration project building on this fasting technique.

Follow me on twitter, for an in situ, live case study, of how I will drop my excess weight, and all related metabolic syndrome death metrics, using a regime that combines:

1. Time Shifted Eating;
2. Low GI Whole Foods; and
3. Calories eaten between estimated BMR & TDEE; with
4. Walking

Thanks for your engagement; hopefully enlightening

michael barrett

In loving memory of my forever generous and loving older brother
Stephen Maurice Barrett, who left us much too early at 61 years, in Aug 2016: a perfect storm of metabolic syndrome death metrics

I was unable to get to Stephen in time: et toi?

Full Interview posted at: 20170109