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ওজিলের জীবনী | Mesut Ozil's Biography | Football World Cup 2018 Special-8 -

World Cup 2018, Bio of Ozil or Mesut Ozil, a German football player, played in Arsenal and German national team. This video is the Biography and short life story of Mesut Ozil. How to became the best footballer and best attacking midfielder in his team.
Pi Fingers Motivation, in this session for the FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Special, introduce a player, who is behind many success of German football team and as well as his club like Arsenal, Real Madrid against Barcelona and other team but is very unfocused like other biggest footballer in history- Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Maradona etc.

He is called the behind the seen most talented and successful player because he break all players record for assist in making goal. This motivational Biographical video will tell you, his skills, top ten goals, top ten goal assists and his personal life.
After Zinedine Zidane he contribute most in English club Real Madrid.
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If you are the fan of Mesut Ozil or team Germay, this mini Bio inspirational video will motivate you.

To know more about him please go to the links below-

This time is to roar for 2018 FIFA world cup Russia, Pi Fingers Motivation tries to make you very happy by making the motivational video in Bangla from your favorite Soccer Player.

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