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Jamie Carragher loved that he was allowed swear on Danish TV -


"Are you allowed to say that?"
Jamie Carragher appeared to enjoy his Wednesday night. The former Liverpool defender was in Paris to see the city's Qatari-owned club beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League, he got to meet up with a former Manchester United manager, interview a Bayern defender and swear on Scandinavian television.

If only his old team had such a productive evening in Europe this week.

First, Carragher, alongside Jan Aage Fjortoft‏, the former Middlesbrough striker turned broadcaster, got a photo with Louis van Gaal, who looked a lot happier than the last time most English football fans saw the Dutchman, when he was dismissed by United in May 2016.

Carragher had a great view of the action in Bayern's 3-0 defeat to Paris-Saint Germain.

Then Carragher got to swear on Danish television. The former Liverpool defender has been on punditry duty for Champions League games on Danish television channel TV3. The coverage features presenters and pundits speaking in English, and is evidently liberal about the language they can use.

When discussing the dispute between Edinson Cavani and Neymar, the presenter used the word "shit."

"Are you allowed to say that?" Carragher asked.

The presenter gave a look to the camera, before saying:

"On Danish TV, you can say whatever you want."
Carragher loved this and repeated the word.

On Danish TV, they can say "shit". On British TV coverage of the Champions League, we're subjected to Michael Owen. No wonder Carragher was enjoying himself.

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