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PUTIN SHOWS OFF HIS GUARD DOG - Putin's Dog Shows Some Backbone to Japanese Guests -


PUTIN SHOWS OFF HIS GUARD DOG - Putin's Dog Shows Some Backbone to Japanese Guests

Putin makes him beg: Vladimir gets his dog to earn a treat after snubbing Japan's offer of a new puppy ahead of discussions over territorial dispute

Japan had planned to give the Russian president , a new male Akita
Putin, who is known for being a dog lover, will visit Japan this week
Tokyo presented Putin with a female Akita four years ago as a thank you gift
Japan thanked him for Russia's help after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami
During Putin's visit this week the two countries will discuss a territorial dispute
The dispute is over the status of four Pacific islands near Japan's north coast

Putin has turned down Tokyo's peace offering of a new pet dog ahead of his upcoming visit this week, which will see Russia and Japan hash out a decades-old territorial dispute.

In an attempt at dog diplomacy, Japan had planned to give the Russian president, who is known for being a canine lover, a male Akita when he visits Japan on December 15 and 16. His visit will include a trip to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's home state of western Yamaguchi. Dog "Guard Dog" "Akita-inu" "Akita-inu Dog" "Japanese Dog" japan japnese 2016 2017 TV Show Treat "Dog Food" "Dog Treat" meeting greeting "good boy" father leader leadership guard security secure crew camera teach teacher teaching sit "sit down" happy fun game follow power control entertainment trends trendy trending "posh dog" food showcase It was hoped the dog could accompany Putin's pet Akita, a female named 'Yume', which means 'dream' in Japanese. Cute and fluffy on the outside, but a strict guard on the inside – this is all about Yume the Akita Inu, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's pet dogs.

At the very start of an interview with Japanese media, President Putin showed off his Akita Inu dog named Yume. "I was told that you wanted to see Yume. Here you are — she is in great shape," the Russian leader said. December 7, 2016. The Moscow Kremlin. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Akita-inu dog Yume before being interviewed by Nippon Television Network Corporation and Yomiuri Shimbun in the run-up to his official visit to Japan