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10 LEAKED Photos North Korea Doesn't Want You To See -

Surprising Things You NEVER Knew About The Hermit Kingdom

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If you’re fascinated by North Korea, but aren’t quite ready to venture there yourself, we don’t blame you! Fortunately, many brave souls have traveled there, and have managed to secretly take photos that are strictly against the rules in North Korea. Like every other aspect of life in North Korea, there are very strict laws about what can and what cannot be photographed, but every once in awhile someone manages to sneak a surreptitious photo that sheds light into what it’s like to live there. Some of these leaked images may be shocking, as they expose the poverty and living conditions that people who travel through North Korea witness. We’ll show you the squeaky clean streets of Pyongyang, as well as the less immaculately maintained parts of the city. These are some images that Kim Jong-un definitely would not want you to get your hands on.

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