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Trump SLAMS Germany for ties with Russia over the breakfast table with Nato Secretary General -

DONALD Trump has today opened the Nato summit with a blistering attack on Germany over its defence spending and an oil and gas contract with Russia.

Speaking at a breakfast with Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg, Trump claimed Germany was "a captive" of the Kremlin due to an import deal with Russia.

He added it was "totally inappropriate" that Germany was paying billions of dollars to Russia for oil and gas while spending little over 1 percent of its GDP on defence.

The President's attendance at the Nato is highly anticipated following months of tough talk on members' contribution spending.

All members of the alliance are obligated to spend 2 percent of GDP on defence, though many do not, and Trump is expected to demand increases.

Allies are also concerned about what will happen at his scheduled sit down with Putin next week if he doesn't leave the summit with his demands met.

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