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The Republic of Singapore Air Force held its 50th Anniversary celebrations (RSAF50) at the Marina Barrage with an aerial display! Feel the adrenaline rush with this recap of the aerial displays and aircraft featured.

The highlights include an inaugural aerial display by two AH-64D helicopters, as well as a formation of a F-15SG decked in RSAF50 livery and two F-16Cs executing high speed aerial manoeuvres. This will also be the first time an unmanned aircraft - the Heron 1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - is participating in such a show. The aircraft will execute exhilarating manoeuvres and turns, such as:

- the Helicopter group’s Cross Dagger, Wing Over, Flash Pass, Tail Sweep, Hover Turn, Hover Cross and Viking Climb.

- Fighter Plane Aerial Display with an Arrowhead Formation, Spear Formation, Diamond Formation, Vertical Split, Four Point Roll, Aliron Roll Hit, Horizontal 8, High-G Turn, Quadruple Roll, Knife Edge Pass, Dedication Pass, Delta Vertical Loop, Inverted Helix, Low and Slow, High Speed Pass, Victory Flypast and a Bomb Burst.

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