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Karachi Airport - Pakistan -

I made this video at Karachi airport in April this year, on the way to my return flight for Lahore. Although camera work is not satisfactory, I have decided to share the video because it provides a view of Pakistan that does not often feature in reports by the international mainstream media, especially these days when the country is mostly in the headlines for its security situation. Surprisingly, there is nothing in the scenes at this major Pakistani airport to suggest that the country is in turmoil and its people are gripped by fear.

Scenes inside the terminal building were videoed in domestic departures area. Entrance hall where security checks are carried out is shown only briefly but the check-in hall was filmed from as many different angles as possible.

While in corridor linking building to the satellite, I was challenged by a very forceful airport security officer, after a brief heated exchange with him I decided to stop filming as I had no intention of missing my flight.

My thanks to the PIA flight crew who so courteously agreed to being filmed and photographed for this video.

Aerial shot of Jinnah terminal by courtesy of Tariq Rizvi,


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