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Should Parents Be Allowed To Stop Their Children From Growing? -

Growing Pains: Should parents have the right to stunt the growth of their severely disabled child to make them more manageable? Opponents to Growth Attenuation Therapy fear the treatment is being used for the wrong reasons. A report by SBS Dateline.

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Daryl-Ann suffers from cerebral palsy and microcephaly. Her parents have used Growth Attenuation Therapy to keep her growth restricted. "I was immersed in the world of disability, so it didn't seem unnatural to us". Their argument is that her quality of life is better at a child's size where she can do the things her siblings can. "Real life is that when these kids get bigger, their world gets smaller". However, disability activists like Kelly Vincent think "it's quite disturbing that it seems to have been relatively easy for people to get access to such an extreme medical intervention measure", and that fundamentally, it is a selfish course of action.

SBS Australia – Ref. 6825

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