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Niall Ferguson, "I was wrong on Brexit" -


Debate panel of 5 continuity remain voices... Historian Niall Ferguson had other ideas, to speak for Brexit. The hour long debate was highly negative about Brexit. Roland Rudd is scornful, bitter, superior. Marieluise Beck conspiratorial. Anton Muscatelli 'rational' self-concealed pessimism. Total derision against a Sovereignty (Hard) Brexit. Usual misunderstandings and slurs against brexit, nothing new added to the debate by the continuity remain voices. So the whole debate is not for optimists.

There is ONE other section of Niall speaking at this debate that I did not include in this video named "Economic argument of Remain missed the point", it can be found here:

Milken Institute: Europe in the Post-Brexit Age, 6th December 2016.


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