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10 Unexplained Alive Alien Ocean Life Forms Exposed By Hurricanes. Never Before Seen Creatures. -

Others show questionable blurry photos of dead things. Kryan Channel shows videos of active alive alien creatures exposed by hurricanes. Any slightest idea what they are?
1. Sea Floor Walking Alien Life Form
2. Alien Trilobite. Last Earth Trilobite was officially extinct 252 Million Years ago
3. Unknown 100 Feet Alien Squid. Don't believe it's 100 Feet? How about now?
4. This Unknown Alien Life form was actually fished out a couple years ago and another one was exposed by hurricane Irma.
6. Mosasaur extinct 65 million years ago freshly washed on Caribbean shore.
6. Unknown Alien Sea Millipede exposed by hurricane in Caribbean.
7. Neon gloving alien worm was filmed at night. Here is how it looks at daylight
8. Weirdest Alien Life Form Ever. See how it looks on the shore.
9. Glowing neon rainbow unknown alien specie.
10. Giant shape shifting alien life form.
We look for alien life near distant stars trillions miles away. Yet, we don't really know what lives just a couple miles deep


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