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INDIA To LONDON By ROAD : 16000 km I 13 cars I 27 Participants I 18 Countries I Road Trip -

The Biggest Ever Group in the History of INDEPENDENT INDIA Drove from INDIA to LONDON......Epic Road Trip,Life Changing, Perspective Broadening, Culturally Stimulating and Much more !!

Road To London 2017 have been a huge success.We have accomplished what only a few can even dare to dream. Managing a convoy of 13 cars along with 27 people,we covered 16,000 KM, 18 countries within a span of just 49 days.

Return Journey - We shipped our Vehicles back to India from London.

Road To London was bound to make headlines, but our participants were not far behind and have become celebrities in their own right after this expedition. Here are some of their stories:
Mumbai to London by Road : Road Trip done by 73 yr old Mr. Badri Baldawa with his wife & 9 yr old grand daughter :

Bangalore to London by Road : Road Trip done by Mr Nishith Jois with his wife Priyanka Nishith Jois :

Delhi to London by Road : Road Trip done by Mr Dilpreet Singh Bindra

Nagpur to London by Road : Road Trip done by Dr. Abhijit Deo (Orthopedic surgeon) :

Kolkata to London By Road : Road Trip done by Ms Tanushree Nandan

ROUTE - India - Myanmar -Thailand - Laos - China - Kyrgyzstan -
Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan - Russia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Czech Republic - Germany - Netherlands - Belgium - France - London, United Kingdom

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Road To London 2017 was grand, but Road To London 2018 will be grander!

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