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The Untold Truth Of Barbara Bush -

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Born one minute before her fraternal twin sister Jenna, Barbara Pierce Bush — granddaughter of 41st president George H.W. Bush and daughter of 43rd president George W. Bush — is a force to be reckoned with. In their joint memoir Sisters First: Stories from Our Wild and Wonderful Life, Barbara and Jenna reveal their experiences growing up in the political spotlight, and what their lives are like now. But if you think Barbara's just another polite Southern belle — think again!

Name game | 0:26
An indecent proposal | 0:54
She's an avid runner | 1:28
Former fashionista | 1:52
Passion for global health | 2:28
Advocating for same-sex marriage | 3:24
Supporting women's health | 4:11
She's the favorite | 4:44
Political identity | 5:29
Royal set up | 6:15
Flipping the bird | 7:08
Not a domestic goddess | 8:17
Finding her independence | 9:10

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