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Jeremy Hunt on the Tory manifesto - BBC News -


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been speaking to BBC Breakfast.
On the changes to social care and winter fuel allowance his focus is on the £100,000 protected from the cost of care. "Everyone will have the security of knowing they can pass on £100,000 to their chidren and grandchildren," he said, adding that many grandparents worry about the standard of living their children and grandchildren have.

"We are saying to pay for that there's a trade off." "What we're going to hear today is Theresa May's plan to get Britain working better for ordinary families." He's unwilling to say what will be the income limit for cutting off the winter fuel allowance, saying: "We're not going to give an exact number today. "We are going to have a detailed consultation if we win the election, but we are saying it will only available for the poorest pensioners."

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