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My entire labor and delivery was definitely not how I planned and I kept feeling like everything that could go wrong did. There was a lot more that I wasn't able to vlog including an allergic reaction to my epidural which also slowed down my labor by hours and had to recieve allergy medication which made me incredibly drowsy for the birth of my son. Everything that I had in my birth plan completely went out the window including going all natural and them taking him from me right after birth because I just could not get myself into a focused state because I was so worried about everything and everyone else. The end result of my son finally getting here though was super emotional and even though he had a rough start to life I could not be more happy to finally meet my son! This birth vlog is uncut, unedited and encensored! I loved being able to watch similar birth vlogs when I was pregnant as I found that it was helpful to help me mentally prepare for the experience I was about to endure of my own child birth and hope that it will help others too!

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