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WATCH: Jacob Rees-Mogg TRASHES Remainer caller who accused him of lying about Brexit -


Jacob Rees-Mogg Takes On Caller Who Accused Him Of Lying .
The Conservative MP was hosting his first ever radio show, standing in for James O'Brien as part of a special Guest Host Week.

And Tony in East Finchley was furious when Mr Rees-Mogg used the phrase "the EU-funded CBI", saying they only account for less than 1% of funding.

But Jacob hit back. When Tony asked why he said it was EU-funded, he responded: "Because it receives money from the EU.

"You don't get money from the EU unless you sign up to a contract saying you won't do anything that damages the reputation of the EU."

Tony insisted: "This isn't true, they get less than 1% from the EU."

But Jacob's point: "So they get money from the EU. What I've said is correct. It's a part of their funding.

"Thank you for making it very clear to all the listeners of LBC that the CBI is funded by the EU. I'm extremely grateful."

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