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Great Alex Jones: Wikileaks Blackmailing Obama with Brutal Leaks -


On his show, Tuesday, 1/3/2016, Alex Jones announced that he has bombshell breaking news: that multiple sources, WikiLeaks included, are now issuing actual threats to Obama, Hillary and friends: that (more) devastating data will be released if they don't stop what could be loosely paraphrased as, attempting drastic last ditch efforts before Trump gets in, like attempting to start war with Russia, among other serious allegations. You simply must watch this 1:45 min clip of Jones threatening Obama directly, even dictating terms - as it also so perfectly captures the essence of how one man, single handedly captured a massive audience - rapidly growing well into the tens of millions around the globe. Just to give you an idea, an RI source recently provided us with YouTube analytics, unavailable to the public, verifying that the "The Alex Jones" YouTube channel (which is only 1 of his 15) is in fact is bigger than CNN's main YouTube channel.