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Prophecy | Jerusalem Will Be Divided, Two State Solution, 2017 Turning Point Israel | Bro Sadhu -

1947 + 70 = 2017 - Current Year
Listen carefully to the full message !
The Year of the Turning Around For Israel !

The Nations that passed the united nations resolution against israel will be
judged by God very soon. This should be very easy to understand because '
the bible tells us that

'The one who touches you(Zion), touches the apple of me eye' - Zechariah 2:8

So we can expect a correlating result on those countries and regions
that set their heart to divide Israel and more specific - Mount Zion, Jerusalem.
Moreover, Jesus and the holy place of God in Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Israel
are prophetic metaphors and have a similar destiny. Just as the Lord's clothes
were parted into two pieces, the same will happen to Jerusalem. Just like how
Lord Jesus was whipped 39 times, Jerusalem will suffer a blow.

Video Full Description :

1:31 - Timeline - 1947, 1967, 2017
2:13 - Nations involved in UN 2334
3:14 - 70 years and Last Days Relation
3:40 - Visitation from Archangel Michael about the Year 2017
4:38 - 1948 Israel get's its independence
5:10 - 1967 Six day war, Regaining Jerusalem
6:59 - Another Major war is planned in Israel
6:59 - Major Shift in Government and Land coming soon
7:25 - Heavenly experience with Lord Jesus, Moses and Jeremiah
8:30 - 70 years in the history of Israel is significant
8:45 - 2017 will be a turning point year in the history of Israel
9:25 - Why its 1947 and not 1948 ?
10:05 - November 29,1947 - UN First Time to Recognize Israel
10:48 - 1947 70 = 2017 (70 YEARS RELATION)
11:34 - Prophecy : Israel will go into captivity
12:08 - Dec 23, 2016 - UN 2334 by Obama Administration
12:40 - Nov 29, 1947 - The First time when Israel was divided
13:15 - Dec 23, 2016 - Very Important Decision made...
14:18 - Israel is betrayal by the USA (Obama Administration)
14:40 - USA was the country that proposed the resolution
15:02 - November 30, 2011 - Open Vision concerning America
15:42 - Angel thrusts into the heart of the USA
16:10 - Israel's closest friend will betray it..
16:48 - USA will be divided just like how Israel will be divided into 2
17:05 - Prophetic Parallel Event - Jesus and Israel
17:55 - Jerusalem will be divided
18:12 - Zechariah 1:10-15 Ancient prophecy - Jerusalem Division
19:48 - New Flesh Eating Disease will strike the Western Nations
20:50 - Meteors will strike the Western Nations
22:00 - Lava will shoot up high and will pollute waters everywhere

All these things are being set up for the deceivers to come to the front
stage - ie) the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The prophesied false
prophet according to most people is Pope Francis. While the Antichrist
is expected to politically rise in Berlin, Germany very very soon.

Speaker : Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Location : Angel TV Studios, Chennai, India

Date of Record : 1st January 2017

Tech Details : x30112017 | SSSPC1

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